Thermoplastic Playground Surface - Durability Defined

What is a Thermoplastic Playground Surface?

Our surface is non-slip and entirely chemical free, creating a safe play area for kids that is colorful, bright, and vibrant. These thermoplastic playground surfaces can entirely revitalize an old blacktop or tarmac by turning them into unique experiences which are ideal for:

We have many ready to go designs, or we can create a custom design or game just for you.

Installation of a Thermoplastic Surface

The designs are manufactured at our facility and then installed on your playground’s blacktop or tarmac through a special heat application. The application is very fast.

To install your designs, we:

This intricate process locks your flawless design under the surface and keeps it protected from all the elements – nature and kids alike.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied, we will come back out and resolve any issue you may have. However, once you see your new, vibrant playground, we are sure that you and your entire community will be thrilled and proud of the results.

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