Educational Ideas for Playground Maps

Playground Map Projects

Nothing beats taking students outside of the classroom and taking the learning to the playground. We have all sort of different map designs, including world maps, that we can use to enrich your playground experience. Or, we can customize a map to your specific needs. We can create USA maps, state maps or even customize a city map for you.

When it comes to enriching activities with maps, here are some ideas you can use to engage student with an interactive learning experience.

Location Relay Game

  1. Divide your class into teams.
  2. Create large cards with names of cities, national parks, and more. Depending on the class size, ensure each team member has a card. Make sure each card is colored to the appropriate team (i.e. team one has blue cards, team two has green cards, etc.).
  3. Have the teams line up at the edge of the map. The first team member of each team runs out on the map and places their card on the correct spot. That member then runs back to their team and tags the next team member.
  4. The first team to complete the relay and place their cards accurately on the map wins!

Take A Tour

  1. Have students study a map and select a location they would like to learn about.
  2. Once they select their location, let them choose a project to work on that will represent this location in a special way. This could be a diorama, a model, etc.  They can work on this in the class and at home over a span of a week or two. Be sure to let them know they will need to present their project to the class.
  3. On presentation day, students can place their project on the playground map and present from their chosen location. Consider inviting parents and family, and turn this into a fun school event!

A Tasting Party

Have students learn about food from different regions by researching the areas and preparing a local cuisine. Then, host a fun tasting party outdoors! Set up tables on the playground map and have the students position their food on the region they chose while explaining what they learned about the region and its cuisine.

Story Setting

As you read historical accounts, use the playground map as the reading room. You can sit in the location where the story takes place. Discuss how the location and surrounding areas might be important to the story.