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Snakes & Ladders

March 20th 2020

Snakes & Ladders is an international board game that has been modified to Shoots & Ladders in the USA. The goal of the game is to have players navigate from start to finish (1 to 100 on this game). Players find shortcuts based on landing

 on a ladder base which transports the child upward, or the player is penalized by landing on a snakehead and goes to a lower level.

This game was first played in India is known as “Moksha Patamu.” It teaches that life is rooted in play with virtues transporting people to better places, and that vices in life cause setbacks.

Set-up: The game requires three elements: A) a board, B) a die to role, C) players.

Gameplay: Players will act as the game pieces moving from 1 through 36. Players take turns rolling the die and take the appropriate steps.

For Example: a player rolls a 4 and moves to the 4 spot, and if a player rolls a 6, they are transporter to 19.

Snakes: Land on a head and go back to the snakes tail.

Ladders: Land at the base of a lander and move to the top of the ladder.

Winning the Game: Player most reach 36 with the last roll getting the player exactly to block 36.

Bounce Back Variation: If a player rolls greater than needed number for the last roll, the child steps to 36, and then must take the remaining steps backwards. For example, a child is on block 34 and rolls a 6, she will take two steps forward and four steps backward landing at 32.